About us

There are very few companies that have been in the vape industry since the beginning. SMOKtech is one of those. Leading vape technology innovation, SMOK has become a household name in vaping. SMOK’s high quality products are enjoyed by countless vapers around the world. Whether you’re looking for ultra-portable ecigs, high power cloud-chasing gear, or anything in between, there is a SMOK product for you.

SMOK is the leading brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co Limited. Focused on electronic cigarette research and development, SMOK has built the brand to be the definitive vape device and gear manufacturer. SMOK products can be seen in the hands of millions of users in over 50 countries.

But how did SMOK become the leading manufacturer of vape gear? It all started in 2010, the beginning of the vaping industry as we know it. By 2011, dual coil technology was developed, revolutionizing vape tanks. This groundbreaking innovation paved the way for SMOK to grow steadily.

With a growing patent portfolio, SMOK developed the variable voltage personal vaporizer e-cig mod VMAX in 2012 – followed up by the ZMAX. SMOK also introduced the NATURAL mechanical mod and adjustable telescopic mechanical mod. With the growth of the vape industry by 2013, SMOK developed cottonless technology in cartomizers and tanks like the PYREX ARO and TUMBLER. Mechanical mods like the MAGNETO featured SMOK’s new intelligent magnet switch. Vape tank technology was also improved with the introduction of bottom coil clearomizers and tanks. But the biggest development in these years was the variable voltage ego battery. Leading vaping advancements, variable voltage had become the leading technology in vape devices.

In 2014, SMOK launched the exclusive app Vaping Tour. The Vaping Tour app featured smart vaporizer management and social media. As a leader in vape manufacturer, SMOK encouraged vapers to communicate with each other, showing off devices and general vape life. In the same year, SMOK introduced more innovative vape devices like the SILENUS, ROCKET, and SHUTTLE mods, as well as one of the first intelligent Bluetooth e-cig mods, the BEC PRO.

Up until 2014, SMOK had a steady growth. But 2015 made SMOK iconic. This is the year SMOK introduced the revolutionary Taste Furious 4 subohm tank. The TFV4 opened the floodgates for vape tank technology innovation. It is the tank that introduced SMOK’s incredibly convenient rotary top fill cap – now a signature feature in SMOK tanks. SMOK put everything into the TFV4, bringing high quality coils upgraded from the technology that SMOK has been building up to. After the success of this tank, the SMOKtech brand grew incredibly, becoming publicly traded in the stock market.

By 2016, SMOK became a household name. The SMOK ALIEN mods and kits became the signature device for every serious vaper. The SMOK ALIEN became so popular that vapers still purchase this to this day. Its technology was far ahead of its time – slim and compact with all the specs you need. It is still comparable to even the latest mods and kits on the market. And along with the ALIEN, SMOK introduced the TFV8 CLOUD BEAST and TFV8 BABY BEAST subohm tanks. These tanks are also still purchased by today’s vapers.

If you are an experienced vaper in 2017, you either know the name or own SMOK brand devices. The incredible success of the TFV8 tank line lead to the TFV12. With the TFV12 CLOUD BEAST KING, SMOK introduced RDA level high power vaping with the convenience of the a tank. At this point, countless vapers have moved from rebuildable gear to safer regulated mods and high power tanks.

2018 was a fun year for SMOK. Now, the biggest vape brand worldwide, SMOK introduced unique gear like the pistol-inspired MAG KIT. SMOK also brought us improved bluetooth devices, and more! This is the year SMOK innovated touchscreen vape technology with the G-PRIV 2, and voice control technology with the I-PRIV.

But there was also a new way of vaping on the rise – salt nicotine vape juice. Vaping salt nic required the opposite of what SMOK had been doing – low power devices like how it was back in the early years of vaping. This is when SMOK introduced the ROLO BADGE, INFINIX, and FIT pod systems. By 2019, the salt nic compatible SMOK NORD was introduced, now becoming the most popular ultra-portable vape device yet.

And SMOK doesn’t stop there. As the vaping industry grows and consumers change how they vape, SMOK leads the pack by introducing the best vape gear at affordable prices. SMOK had become so popular that even the most unique SMOK devices are sold in countless vape shops around the world. This makes it easy to find the accessories you need for your vape.

If you’re looking for a vape kit, mod, tank, or anything in between, go with SMOK. Experience the best vape technology with the latest SMOK products.