Best New Vape Technology with the SMOK Stick V9 Max

Experienced the Best New Vape Technology with the SMOK Stick V9 Max

Vaping has come a long way since the iconic SMOK Alien was introduced. With the new Stick V9 Max, SMOK delivers another great device to add to your collection. Great for beginners looking to vape big clouds, and incredible for experienced vapers looking to bring a powerful setup on-the-go.

Sometimes you just want something simple. But simplicity doesn’t mean you need to be stuck with a bad product. The SMOK Stick V9 Max brings you innovative technology in the simplest way. It features a single button setup. No settings needed! Just one button to turn it on/off or activate vaping. The top fill method makes it easy to refill your tank. Simply swivel the signature SMOK top fill cap to the side to expose the fill hole. You can charge the Stick V9 Max via USB, so there’s no need to figure out compatible batteries or use an external charger. And maintenance is easy – when your vape tastes burnt or you’re getting leaking, replace your coil.

Another aspect that makes the SMOK Stick V9 Max awesome is its tank. More specifically, it’s the coils included with your kit. Experienced vapers are familiar with the typical coil wrapped in circles. The Stick V9 Max features new coil technology – mesh. With the 0.15 Ω mesh coil included with the kit, you can try mesh technology. Using a mesh heating element instead of a regular coil build allows for more even heating. This efficient technology gives you the most flavor from your juice, even at higher power. If you prefer regular coil builds, the Stick V9 Max also includes a 0.15 Ω quadruple coil. This will give you a huge amount of vapor, and is optimized for the Stick V9 Max to still give you great flavor. But the options don’t stop there – you can purchase several other coil styles for the Stick V9 Max Subohm Tank included with your kit. It is compatible with TFV8 Baby V2 coils.

Let’s get into specifics. The SMOK Stick V9 Max features a huge 4000mAh internal battery. And you’re going to need that since the power output is up to 60W. Typically that setting will drain your battery fast, so that is why SMOK gave this the largest battery in their Stick series so far. The Stick V9 Max subohm tank can hold up to 8mL of your favorite vape juice. You’re going to need this too because the tank is made to produce lots of vapor. That means you will be using a lot of juice. Because of this, we recommend you stick with lower nicotine levels since the amount of vapor you will get with this kit is a lot. The Stick V9 Max also features adjustable airflow so you can get the inhale you want.

Now for longevity. This kit is made to last. There’s a reason why countless vapers around the world use SMOK products. It’s high quality at a reasonable price. And the parts (tank and mod) can be used separately. When the internal battery of your Stick V9 Max mod has worn out, you can use the Stick V9 Max subohm tank on most vape mods. All you need to keep this tank going is replacement coils, which are widely available. If you’re interested in trying a different tank like the SMOK TFV12 Prince, you can use most tanks with the Stick V9 Max battery mod. It’s capable with builds as low as 0.15 Ω so you can use most tanks on it.

If you’re a beginner looking to get into vaping big clouds, this is the easiest way to do that. Without having to adjust settings, the Stick V9 Max delivers what you’re looking for. It has a simple single button functionality and easy top fill method. You get everything you need (except vape juice) out the box, so you’ll be ready to go in no time. On top of that, it’s pretty portable for this type of device.

Experienced vapers will like the SMOK Stick V9 Max for its large tank capacity and incredible coils. With the Stick V9 Max, you can leave your fancy setup at home, and take a more simple pen-style vape out on-the-go. And with its compatibility for you to use other tanks or RDAs, the Stick V9 Max is great to add to your collection.

The market is flooded with vape devices, but if you want to make shopping easy, go with SMOK. Their popularity speaks for itself. And because they’re so popular, it will be easy for you to find the one item you need to replace – coils. The vaping industry has evolved through the years with more simple, safer devices to choose from. You can pick up small, low power vapes to emulate the feeling of smoking a cigarette or you can get high-tech devices that let you adjust your temperature coefficient of resistance. But if you’re just looking for a good simple vape for big clouds, make it easy on yourself. Pick up a SMOK Stick V9 Max Starter Kit.


Stick V9 Max Subohm Tank

Material: Stainless Steel

Diameter: 28mm (Base Diameter) / 35mm (Outer)

Height: 54mm

Weight: 88.5g

Tank Capacity: 8.5mL

Fill Method: Top

Compatible with TFV8 Baby V2 coils

S1 0.15 Ω Baby V2 Single Mesh Coil : Lower wattage, but intense clouds and flavor : 40W – 80W : Best at 60W – 70W

S2 0.15 Ω Baby V2 Quadruple Coil : More restricted airflow, longer lifespan : 30W – 70W : Best at 45W – 60W

Antibacterial Medical Cotton Wicking

Bottom Adjustable Airflow

Upgraded for a total of 3 slots

Proprietary Exclusive Drip Tip Style

Standard 510 Connection

Stick V9 Max Battery Mod

Diameter: 28mm

Height: 87.8mm

Weight: 133.5g

Internal (Built-in) Battery Capacity: 4000mAh

USB Charging

LED Battery Life Indicator

Output Power: 60W Max

Safety Features:

8s Cutoff

Short Circuit Protection

Lithium Battery Protection

Low Voltage Protection

Standard 510 Threaded


Stick V9 Max Battery Mod (1x)

Stick V9 Max Subohm Tank (1x)

S1 0.15 Ω Baby V2 Single Mesh Coil (1x) [preinstalled]

S2 0.15 Ω Baby V2 Quadruple Coil (1x)

USB Cable (1x)

User Manual (1x)

Spare Parts

FDA vs. Flavored E-Liquid and New 2021 Deadline for Flavors

Although Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has resigned from his position, he left one last proposal that puts the vaping industry at risk. As of March 2019, Gottlieb proposed a ban on all flavored vape products except for tobacco, menthol, and mint. Gottlieb blamed flavors like bubble gum, mango, and creme for fueling the “epidemic” levels of teen use.

“We think flavored products represent greater risk to youth appeal, so when we’re looking at the public health value and redeeming qualities of products, we generally feel flavors have more to prove at this point,” Gottlieb said in a previous interview. “They’re the ones driving youth use so we want to do a proper evaluation through our assessment process.”

If you’re a vaper, you already know how essential flavors are in vaping. It is a big reason why countless smokers have switched to vaping. Curbing teen use is understandable, but a complete ban on flavors is unreasonable. If finalized, this proposal could definitely remove flavored vape juice from the USA market.

Gottlieb has also previously stated that the FDA could even specify that popular pod-based products can be sold only if they receive FDA clearance. His resignation as the FDA commissioner should be watched closely with news of a comparable official clearly siding with a specific company. Former Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley was also strongly opposed to vaping. But as of April 2019, Coakley has joined JUUL government affairs team.

As we know, the vaping industry is built on the backs of small businesses. Government officials joining the biggest companies like JUUL, of which Altria is a large stakeholder, is only going to disrupt small businesses. Although the most popular online vape stores have the most rigorous age verification requirements, JUUL chooses to sell only to physical stores. Physical stores are prone to selling to minors. So Coakley joining a company like JUUL incredibly contradicts her stance against teen vaping. If former FDA commissioner Gottlieb joins a big company like JUUL, we can only expect a takedown of small vape businesses and manufacturers.

Furthermore, part of Gottlieb’s final proposal is moving the application deadline for most flavored e-cigarettes by one year, to August 8, 2021. Combined with his relationship with 5 big business e-cigarette companies Juul, British American Tobacco’s Vuse, Altria’s MarkTen, Imperial Brands’ Blu E-cigs and Japan Tobacco’s Logic, this could definitely impact vaping as we know it. This could possibly mean the elimination of small business vape juice manufacturers in place of big business brands only. Your favorite flavors could possibly be gone forever.

“We’re still trying to do a balancing act where we preserve the opportunity for adults,” Gottlieb has said. “We still recognize the potential benefits for currently addicted adult smokers, but that can’t come at the expense of teen use we’re now experiencing.” Sure, Gottlieb. We’ll have to see where you go from here.

What is the best vape kit for beginners?

If you’re new to vaping, shopping for your first vape kit can be confusing. There are so much products to choose from, and looking at manufacturer specifications can be daunting. Well, we’re here to help with that. Vaping can be as easy as filling your vape up with juice and inhaling. But it also depends on what you’re looking for.

Vaping Can’t Get Any Easier than the SMOK Novo Pod System Starter Kit

Want the easiest vape kit? Go with the SMOK Novo. This is as basic as it can get. All you have to do is fill up your Novo pod with your favorite juice (we recommend salt nic vape juice). Then inhale to vape – your inhale activates the vapor.

Available in several beautiful colorways, the SMOK Novo is perfect for the casual vaper. It features an incredibly small, portable design that can easily fit in your pocket or bag. The refillable pods are easy to fill and you can conveniently charge it via USB.

The SMOK Novo features a tighter airflow and low power output. This means that you will have a lighter inhale with small clouds. Great for stealth vaping. This type of vape device is best with salt nic vape juice so you can get more nicotine satisfaction from the smaller inhales. The SMOK Novo is made this way to help you transition from smoking to vaping. Its tight inhale will feel familiar, except you can vape your choice of awesome flavors. The low power output also helps with juice consumption. Because you are not vaporizing as much juice, your bottle can last you longer than most other vape devices.

Who is the SMOK Novo made for? Everybody, but especially beginners. Getting into vaping can be intimidating, but the SMOK Novo will make it easy. Go with the SMOK Novo if you want the easiest way to vape.

Go With the SMOK Nord Pod System Starter Kit for More Juice Options

The SMOK Nord is the hottest vape starter kit of 2019 so far for good reason. It has an easy-to-use setup and convenient USB charging. Most importantly, it’s compatible with pretty much any type of vape juice you want to use.

Using a coil-in-pod style system, the SMOK Nord makes vaping easy and convenient. Simply choose a coil you want to use, prime it with your favorite vape juice, then install it in the pod. Fill the pod up with juice, then install the pod into the battery mod and press the button to vape. The SMOK Nord features only one button to vape or turn it on/off.

With the SMOK Nord, you will be able to vape either regular or salt nic vape juice depending on the coil you choose. If you want to vape 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg e-liquid, go with the 0.6 Ω mesh coil. If you want to vape salt nic vape juice at 25mg nicotine or more, go with the 1.4 Ω coil. Each coil is made to give you a different style of inhale. The lower the resistance, the more powerful the inhale. When your vape starts to taste burnt, replace your coil and you’ll get back to that fresh flavor.

If you want an even more simple device, you can go with the SMOK Nord AIO 22 Starter Kit. The Nord AIO 22 is the pen-shape version of the SMOK Nord Pod System. It uses the same coils, but without the pod. With this device, all you have to do is unscrew the tank to replace the coil. It is also a single button device, making it great for beginners.

Vape Big Clouds with the SMOK Stick V9 Max Starter Kit

The Stick V9 Max is made for vaping big clouds, but has an easy-to-use design. Just like the Nord, it uses replaceable coils, which you will replace when your vape tastes burnt. The Stick V9 Max is on the other end of the spectrum of vape devices – it is much more powerful than the SMOK Nord. This means that it will work best for 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg vape juice. It is NOT recommended to use this kit with salt nic vape juice.

If you want to vape big clouds or you want to try vape tricks, go with the SMOK Stick V9 Max. It uses TFV8 Baby V2 coils featuring the latest vape coil technology. With the included mesh or quadruple coil heads, you will be able to vape big clouds with lots of flavor. When you’re finished with the included coils, you can purchase more coils including different coil styles. This versatility lets you customize your Stick V9 Max according to the inhale you prefer.

The SMOK Stick V9 Max has lots of power, but it’s easy to use. Aside from simple replaceable coils, this kit features the easy signature SMOK top fill method. Just swivel the top fill cap to the side to expose the fill hole. Then you can fill up the massive 8mL tank with your favorite juice. When you run out of battery, just plug it in via USB.

Beginners looking to vape big clouds is who the Stick V9 Max was made for. Once you’re used to how it works, upgrading to more advanced devices will be easy. You can even use the included tank with the latest vape mods.

Results of Senate Hearing – California Flavor Ban – SB38

The fight for our right to vape continues in California. As of Wednesday, March 27, 2019, the Senate Heath Committee decided to pass the flavor ban bill (SB38 by Senator Hill). This does not mean that the flavor ban actually got enacted. It passed this committee, and will be heading to the next one. Sadly, the home state of vaping’s leading manufacturers and stores are at risk for a flavor ban. This could definitely lead to the downfall of vaping as we know it.

Bill SB38 does not preempt local governments from passing even stricter restrictions. This means that cities and counties can restrict even more than bill SB38. San Francisco officials already announced plans to ban ALL vapor products, which is entirely possible with this bill.

The statewide bill bans all flavors except tobacco. So-called “characterizing flavors” include “tastes or aromas relating to any fruit, chocolate, vanilla, honey, candy, cocoa, dessert, alcoholic beverage, menthol, mint, wintergreen, herb, or spice.” This means any e-liquid other than tobacco will be prohibited, whether it is bottled or in pods/cartridges.

Already categorized as tobacco products, in California purchasing vape goods has received many new restrictions in the past few years and is among the highest vape tax rates in the county. Even with that, the bill expands on restrictions by stating “A tobacco retailer, or any of the tobacco retailer’s agents or employees, shall not sell, offer for sale, or possess with the intent to sell or offer for sale, a FLAVORED tobacco product.” It gets even deeper. Even if you sell a tobacco based vape juice product, “There shall be a rebuttable presumption that a tobacco product is a flavored tobacco product if a manufacturer or any of the manufacturer’s agents or employees, in the course of his or her agency or employment, has made a statement or claim directed to consumers or to the public that the tobacco product has or produces a characterizing flavor, including, but not limited to, text, color, images, or all, on the product’s labeling or packaging that are used to explicitly or implicitly communicate that the tobacco product has a characterizing flavor.” Even your branding can get you in trouble!

With more than 40 million residents, California wields huge influence over the rest of the country. If SB38 passes in completion, it could definitely lead to more statewide bans, and can even go federal. It is crucial for us in the vape community to fight back. Supporters of the San Francisco ban, including billionaire tobacco control funder Michael Bloomberg, portrayed the opposition (us vapers) as evil Big Tobacco. This is not us and is completely false. The vape industry has lead to lots of small business startups and countless vapers switching from deadly tobacco cigarettes. The worst case scenario is that bill SB38 leads to a completely ban on vaping in the United States. Most likely, Michael Bloomberg’s portrayal of vapers being big tobacco will be used in the passing of bill SB38.

So how can we help? Get involved! The March 27, 2019 hearing was open to the public in Sacramento. There will be more hearings like this. Please show up and show your support for vaping. There are also non-profits like CASAA Consumer Advocates for SMoke-Free Alternatives Association need your support to fight for vaping.